About Restro Order

Savor Excellence, We Handle Tech. Your Perfect Pairing!

Our flagship product, RestroOrder, stands as the epitome of our commitment to excellence. Recognized as the best restaurant software in Nepal, RestroOrder offers a comprehensive hospitality solution that addresses every facet of restaurant operations. We understand that running a successful restaurant requires careful attention to detail, and RestroOrder is designed to streamline processes, allowing you to focus on delivering outstanding cuisine and unparalleled customer service.

RestroOrder is not just a point-of-sale system; it is a complete and scalable solution that revolutionizes the way you manage your restaurant. We take pride in offering a market-available, reasonably priced, and reliable POS system that caters to businesses of all sizes. Our software is equipped with advanced features that save time, boost efficiency, and contribute to increased sales, ensuring that your restaurant runs seamlessly.

Key Features of RestroOrder

RestroOrder provides an all-encompassing solution, covering everything from order processing and inventory management to staff scheduling and customer relationship management.

Whether you are a small boutique eatery or a large-scale restaurant chain, RestroOrder scales to meet the unique needs of your business, adapting as you grow.

We believe that powerful restaurant management tools should be accessible to all. RestroOrder is priced competitively, offering outstanding value without compromising on quality.

In the fast-paced restaurant industry, reliability is paramount. RestroOrder ensures uninterrupted service, providing you with peace of mind to focus on delivering exceptional dining experiences.

RestroOrder integrates seamlessly with various third-party applications and services, providing you with a comprehensive ecosystem to enhance your restaurant's efficiency.

At Danfe Solution, we are not just providing software; we are fostering partnerships and contributing to the success of our clients. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are committed to continually enhancing RestroOrder to meet the evolving needs of the dynamic restaurant industry in Nepal.

Choose Danfe Solution Pvt. Ltd for a software partner that understands your business and is dedicated to helping it thrive.

RestroOrder Functionality Overview

RestroOrder is not just a point-of-sale system; it’s a comprehensive restaurant management solution that offers a wide array of functionalities to meet the diverse needs of your establishment. Here’s an overview of key features:

Seamlessly handle Value Added Tax (VAT) with built-in functionality to ensure compliance with tax regulations.

Easily customize and update your menu items, categories, and prices to adapt to changing preferences and market trends.

Enhance customer orders by providing options for side items and modifiers, allowing for a personalized dining experience.

Manage orders with flexibility by using the open food facility, accommodating custom requests and modifications.

Capture specific customer preferences or instructions, and communicate directly with the kitchen to ensure accurate preparation.

Handle item voids seamlessly, maintaining accuracy in billing and order processing.

Streamline the refund process with the capability to process bill refunds when needed.

Allow customers to pay using different tender types (cash, credit card, foreign currencies) in a single bill, providing flexibility in payment options.

Accept payments in various forms, including cash, credit cards, and foreign currencies, ensuring convenience for both customers and your business.

Efficiently manage multiple Kitchen Order Tickets (KOT) within a single bill, enhancing coordination in the kitchen.

Streamline table service by managing orders based on the number of guests, facilitating better organization and service.

Capture and store customer information for delivery orders, enabling a more personalized and efficient delivery service.

Optimize operations for fast-food establishments with features designed to meet the unique needs of quick-service restaurants.

Implement customer discount programs to reward loyalty and attract repeat business.

Facilitate efficient service with the ability to assign multiple waiters or cashiers to different tables or sections.

Maintain control over inventory and food costs with a robust recipe management system.

Seamlessly integrate with financial systems to track transactions, generate financial reports, and maintain accurate financial records.

Manage staff meals and complimentary offerings with dedicated features to ensure accurate record-keeping.

RestroOrder is designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your restaurant operations, providing a feature-rich platform that adapts to the unique needs of your business.